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Massage Therapy

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             Saideh Mehlyari, LMT                Certified Medical Massage Practitioner
Saideh's philosophy compliments the goals of our practice. She believes "pain is not a lifestyle" and no one should "have to" live in pain. She receives great joy from seeing her patients emerge from the massage table happy and mobile.  After completion of her medical massage certification in 2012, she continued to enhance her massage skills and trained in specific areas such as Lymphatic drainage, Sciatica, Pre-Natal, Arthritis and cancer Massage. Whether working on back, neck, or hip issues or providing injury rehabilitation, she listens to each patient and customizes the massage to meet their needs. 
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At Worden Wellness Center, our goal is to achieve optimal health and well-being for the mind, body, and spirit through a combination of complementary therapies and traditional Chiropractic.  

We are passionate about providing health and wellness and offer Massage as a gateway to a healthy you. and offer Medical Massage, as well as Traditional Massage modalities. . The use of massage is an aid to well-being and is considered to be among the oldest of all treatments used by man. There are many hundreds of health benefits from Massage.  Just one Massage treatment has the ability to help us become aware of where we hold tension in our bodies and minds, which can help us relax and slow down the hectic pace of our everyday lives. Massage can also help relieve fatigue and improve circulation, provide increased mobility, and act as a sedative to the nervous system, which will relieve many health aliments such as headaches, back pain, and digestive disorders..

                         WHAT IS MEDICAL MASSAGE ? 
Medical Massage: By definition, medical massage is a therapeutic massage prescribed by a physician and performed following the directives of that physician. Medical massage does not refer to any specific treatment method and can include various massage protocols and modalities. Medical massage is outcome-oriented instead of time-oriented. That means that instead of booking a client for a 50 or 60 or 90 minute session and working on their entire body with a little more emphasis on the back, neck or other affected area and charging your standard rate for a relaxation massage, the medical massage therapist will treat only the part of the body that the physician prescribes treatment for.  
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