TLC Program

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs


HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGES help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The key components are nutrition, stress, sleep, eating habits and exercise. By participating, you have an opportunity to personally benefit from a proven program that has helped thousands address various lifestyle related health problems such as high cholesterol, weight, blood pressure issues and other chronic conditions.
Have more energy

Be thinner

Have more sex drive

Be stronger

Think more clearly

Remember things better

Be less moody
Be more motivated

Sleep better

Deal with your sweet cravings

Lower your cholesterol or blood pressure

Reduce your risk of diabetes or heart disease

Stay healthy as you age

What is FirstLine Therapy®?
FirstLine Therapy® (FLT) is a therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) program developed to help you address the underlying causes of disease, not just the symptoms. The basic principle of FLT is based on current scientific research that has shown that many common, chronic health problems are caused primarily by unhealthy lifestyle habits. For many people, therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) are the most effective treatment available.

First Line Therapy addresses health issues such as:
Cardiovascular issues

Blood sugar/diabetes

Obesity & weight management

Fatigue & energy issues

Women’s health and hormonal balance

Men’s health and hormonal balance
Sexual function and sex drive

Mood, memory and mental function

Joint and bone health

Stress management

Gastrointestinal (GI) health
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